About Us

I’ve been sick my entire life; I remember my mother holding me in her arms as I cried because my stomach hurt so bad.  I’ve missed more events, trips, and gatherings than I can count due to intestinal issues, migraine headaches, and general malaise.  After 38 years of pure agony, knowing that my food was to blame for my problems but not completely sure in what way, I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease.  This revelation made me embrace my passion for healthy, whole foods even more tenaciously, and now I’m on a quest to help those with Celiac and gluten sensitivities understand that healing requires the adoption of more than just a gluten free diet — it requires a complete mental shift and understanding that food is your medicine, and the healthiest of these are organic, sustainably grown and raised, completely unprocessed (save for harvesting and slaughtering) vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruits and meats.

This is not just a blog, but a handbook for all of you suffering with Celiac.  It is first and foremost intended to help my children and grandchildren as they navigate this healthy, brave new world on their own, without me there every day to cook and shop for them. But there is little sense in keeping it to ourselves when so many other people are going through what my family is now going through; learning how to make informed decisions about what they’ll eat and what matters most when it comes to food.


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